Last Words

I feared a fallen vase:
its pieces scattered throughout your heart,
so full of hurt it couldn’t hold anymore,
and I prayed for the right last words.

I wanted to let you know how much I cared,
but time was running out
and you were barely awake,
grappling with the bear inside your soul
to the point of breathless wonder
at how slowly it seemed to approach.

Yet all too fast.

Before I knew it, the bear had won,
and you were just a hard shell
left behind to burn and scatter,
like those glass shards fourteen months ago.

I was afraid.
Remembering the last time I spoke,
I couldn’t remember what we’d said.

I think I was too full of hurt.

It didn’t seem fair.

But now I remember how strong you were,
and the God you praised,
how strong He is!

Now I remember.

I love you.


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