A Toast to Mama

She held me in her arms from the moment I was born. She kissed me, hugged me, and patched up what was torn. Every day she carried me, as God had carried her. Every day she sang to me, and held my hand on the shore.

She built me up and broke through my walls. She taught me what it meant to stand courageous and tall. When I came home crying she smoothed back my hair. When I couldn’t sleep at night, she was always there.

She taught me by the grace of God, how to love my friends. She taught me that death is not a period, and death is not an end. She disciplined me graciously to walk in Christ’s own light. She gave me a song, a melody, and taught me how to write.

She never left my side even when I felt like leaving hers. She stayed through my rebellious phase till something in me stirred. She always led me back to Jesus, no matter what the cost. She was one of God’s chosen servants, to seek and help the lost.

She was and is my mother, the woman of God I admire most, and it’s in honor of her beautiful smile that I write this little toast. Here’s to the best, the one and only. Here’s to the mom God entrusted with my story.


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