A Ball of Yarn

You reached into my heart

and drew it out like a ball of yarn.

You found the end immediately,

though I’d tried hard to hide it


You began to unravel me,

plucking out every piece of dirt

and every dustball from the brown wool

that had sat beneath my bed for so long.


You looked into my inmost being

and sorted through all the mess.

You found someone worth loving

even when I’d tried to run from You


In sickness and in health You carried me

far and wide on Your journeys,

showing me miracle after miracle

as you washed my wool white as snow.


Then one day You set me gently at Your feet

and began to pull my threads.

It hurt so much and I questioned Your goodness,

but I was so shortsighted.


After much pulling, tying, and stretching,

You placed me on Your lap and whispered to me.

And I saw how beautiful I’d become

at my Creator’s fingertips.


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