Waiting to Be Heard

This is the second in a series of poems I’m writing about the diversity of mankind, God’s creation. I don’t believe in colorblindness. There are beautiful reasons why each of us hails from the ethnic/cultural group that we do. The uniqueness of each human appearance reflects the greatness and glory of God, because we are all made in His image.


She stood at the edge of an ocean tide,
feeling the water dance
around her toes.
She felt the sand tickle
the soles of her feet, and
smiled a fleeting glimmer of amusement.

She was waiting.

They promised her freedom,
then spat in her face.
They promised her happiness,
then broke her heart.
They promised her refuge,
then sent her away.

She lifted her head and straightened
as the luminous moon gave her
stare for stare and, regardless
of the scarf around her hair,
it loved her.

She had waited for a long time.

They gave her a new start,
by spoiling her hope.
They gave her rights,
by stripping them away.
They gave her acceptance,
by turning their back on her people.

She closed her eyes and dimly saw
the other side, the other people
but she couldn’t join them
because they shunned her scarf
They shunned her voice.

She was still waiting.


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