Yellow as the Sun

This is the first in a series of poems I’m writing about the diversity of mankind, God’s creation. I don’t believe in colorblindness. There are beautiful reasons why each of us hails from the ethnic/cultural group that we do. The uniqueness of each human appearance reflects the greatness and glory of God, because we are all made in His image. And so we love, because Jesus first loved us to the point of death on a cross. We are redeemed. How can there be any time for petty arguments, as the apostle Paul says? We are free, brothers and sisters! Free indeed! Let us rejoice in our salvation and long to live as Jesus did!


An arrow pierced my eyes
that were already too small
and stuck there
like a bee sting—
a cracked heart—
a shattered mirror.

It was stupid.
It was so, so stupid.
But it was inevitable.

Of course I was different.
Of course I deserved it.
Of course I was blind.
Of course I was trapped.
Of course…

Of course I felt it.

I felt the yellow hues in my skin,
once so beautiful
like buttercups,
start to hold me back.

And like the setting sun
I shivered and crawled away.

And like the setting sun
I covered my yellow brightness.

But the sun never
stays set for long.
After a long sleep
it comes back
and it never truly leaves,
it’s our perspective that changes.

He reached out
and smiled upon my face.
It glowed
like a thousand suns
because He was my Light.


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