Filled With Awe

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord,
That each day when I open Your Word
I might encounter again Your mercy.
You demonstrated love for me.

I’ve been wandering for so long
My voice has forgotten its worship song.
And I ache to see Your face once more
By walking through that narrow door.

My heart has strayed so far away,
I haven’t followed You faithfully,
Yet I come knowing You promise hope.
And Jesus for my sins atoned.

Your grace overwhelms the depths of me-
To reflect on salvation at Your feet,
That You would love a worm as I
And I can live because You died!

Thank you for every little kindness;
You’ve blessed my life despite the mess-
No words in all the human tongue
Could possibly describe the death You stung.

Death has no more hold on man
For Jesus died that we might stand
In firm foundation, passionate faith,
Because of Your unfailing grace.


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