Daily Salvation

I’m pointing at the sun

Watch me run as far as I can, arms out wide, and face upturned
into its light

But I wasn’t watching
where I was going, and I

I fell into a ditch, a

I thought it was over.
The sun set,
the air turned brisk,
an ant dragged me away,
a single tear slid
down my dry cheeks.

Then! Lo!
The sun began to rise
and a man stooped to me,
muddying his white robe
to offer me a hand.

He helped me rise,
but as I rose,
he fell deeper into the mud.

I got scared.
And I ran away again.

Three days later
I was walking on a different road
heading for the city
away from the sunset.
And I saw him there,
arms out wide,
face upturned to the light.

I followed his gaze,
desirous to know the same hope,
but could not see what he saw.
So I shrugged and left again.

I encountered him,
time and time again,
and time and time again
I ran away after a time
and time again caught up.
It was a game of tag.

I didn’t really know why.
But he did.

He’s still coming after me.

And I’m glad.


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