Expensive Freely-Given Love

You’re taking it all for granted,
letting each breath escape you.
Then suddenly your heart is haunted
by the things you never said.

At the end of the day, have you truly lived,
or hung onto bottled up emotions
that, unlike the sun, never travel
across the skies of your longing?

This life wasn’t free, nor
did you earn it. It was given
to you, given to me, out of love
and nothing changes that

because in the midst of sadness,
when all seems lost, and we’re
broken, we stand in a greater
hope, gathering us in its arms.

You and me? We’re mere specks,
iotas in a timeline of individuals
like us who’ve made or failed to make
their mark on the world.

What’ll we leave behind? Will it be
traces of our anger, our pride,
or will it be a legacy of grace
because we have first received grace

in the pierced hands of Christ,
hanging on a cross so that you
and I might live this life
fearless, strong, and ready.

Jesus gave up Heaven, descending
to suffer what we suffer, even to being
tempted on a mountain by the devil.
Would we not also give up comfort for Him?

The world scrambles for answers,
and so did we, until now:
we’re here by grace and grace alone,
and so we live in love and love alone.


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