There’s something there.
I can see it
feel it
smell it
inhale it
choke on it—

But not taste it, no.

It makes my heart beat
a little faster than before.
It drowns me, pulls me
deeper than I’d like,
tempts me to cross
the limits we’ve set
without speaking
a single word.

But I won’t.

I won’t because I—
can’t say it.
It’s really that simple.
Until I can say it,
without any doubt,
or possible regret,
I won’t say it at all.

Maybe I’ll never say it to you.
But I’d rather say it once
than a hundred times.
I’d rather fight
lie awake
even die!
then say it
to the wrong person.

if that wrong person is you.
Because you, of all people,
are someone I don’t want to break.


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